Aviation operations

Airservices provides safe, secure, efficient, and environmentally-sustainable services to the aviation industry.

We are responsible for Australia’s airspace management, aeronautical information, aviation communications, navigation aids and technology, flight path changes, and Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Services.

Our highly trained people achieve this by using state of the art technology, systems and processes.



Australian airspace

Airservices manages 11 per cent of the world’s airspace. Our area of operations covers the Australian Flight Information Region which includes the nation’s sovereign airspace and international airspace over the surrounding oceans including the FIR’s of the Solomon Islands and Nauru.

We are responsible for the airspace stretching in latitude from two degrees to 90 degrees south; and in longitude from 75 degrees to 163 degrees east.

This is an area of almost 20 million sq nautical miles (51.7 million sq kms) – or some 11 percent of the world’s total airspace.

How we manage

Australia's Airspace

Each year we manage over 4 million aircraft movements and 160 million passenger movements.

Safely manage 11% of the worlds airspace
More than 4 million aircraft movements annually
community-first sq
Passenger movements annually
Air traffic controllers



Airservices delivers our services from 29 air traffic control towers, two major air traffic services centres and 27 Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Services.

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